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As a balloon artist I am of course biased, but let me say that professionally done balloon decoration is an important investment for special occassions.  Balloon decor gives customers great value for their money.  First of all you can fill otherwise empty looking space very quickly with balloons.  A trained balloon decorator knows how to properly blend colors and shapes and textures of balloons to give a banquet hall a full feeling of festivity and excitement instead of just rows of tables.  Since your typical round eleven inch balloon covers three feet of space,  you don’t always need a lot of balloons to fulfill your decorating needs.

Secondly there are hundreds of color possibilities with balloons.  In fact with enough notice the balloons can match virtually any color sample available.  This may require an upcharge for a custom order, or it may require stuffing balloons.   Or you may just want to go with complementary colors.  Regardless you can be certain of pleasing and eye catching designs from our talented balloon artists.

These beautiful balloons help fill otherwise empty space.

And finally, think about the emotional power of balloons.  Balloons are light and joyful.  They invite people to celebrate and enjoy life.  So whether you want a balloon bouquet for a new baby, or a giant walk through heart for your wedding, or bright balloon columns for a dance, contact Balloons Decor and More today. 

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