Balloons for Weddings?

Every girl knows very early on in her life what she wants her wedding day like. Though her color scheme may change, the image of the day stays true. Some like simple elegance, others like the elaborate, and others want something in-between. Whichever a bride chooses, balloons create a canvas that can be truly used for all settings. We incorporate specific colors as well as many types of materials. Balloons provide an exciting canvas to draw on. Fantasy or balloon flowers can be arranged along with fresh flowers to add a different ambiance to a bride’s expectations of her wedding day. She has dreamed of this day for a long time. We can create amazing designs to make your wedding day just as you had dreamed and more. Wonderful, exciting, fun-filled, anticipated results are achieved when you include a certified balloon artist for your wedding day decor.

Making inflation work for you.

As a balloon artist I am of course biased, but let me say that professionally done balloon decoration is an important investment for special occassions.  Balloon decor gives customers great value for their money.  First of all you can fill otherwise empty looking space very quickly with balloons.  A trained balloon decorator knows how to properly blend colors and shapes and textures of balloons to give a banquet hall a full feeling of festivity and excitement instead of just rows of tables.  Since your typical round eleven inch balloon covers three feet of space,  you don’t always need a lot of balloons to fulfill your decorating needs.

Secondly there are hundreds of color possibilities with balloons.  In fact with enough notice the balloons can match virtually any color sample available.  This may require an upcharge for a custom order, or it may require stuffing balloons.   Or you may just want to go with complementary colors.  Regardless you can be certain of pleasing and eye catching designs from our talented balloon artists.

These beautiful balloons help fill otherwise empty space.

And finally, think about the emotional power of balloons.  Balloons are light and joyful.  They invite people to celebrate and enjoy life.  So whether you want a balloon bouquet for a new baby, or a giant walk through heart for your wedding, or bright balloon columns for a dance, contact Balloons Decor and More today. 

Ch – ch – ch- changes!

Balloon arch for Greenville eventThere are lots of exciting changes here at Balloons Decor and More.  First of all, I just got back from FLOAT, a convention for intermediate to advanced balloon decorators.  This excited balloon artist from Greenville, SC was surrounded by decorators from all around the world for almost an entire week of learning some exciting ideas to make events extraordinary.  I can’t wait to put the to use here in the Upstate of SC.

Early on at FLOAT, I took an exam to become a Certified Balloon Artist, or CBA.  I passed and am now the newest Certified Balloon Artist in the Greenville, SC area.  This is yet another reason you can be assured of quality balloon decorations from Balloons Decor and More.  Very soon I will be taking even more classes from my friends at Learn Balloon Decorating.  I always want to keep learning to offer the very best for all of my customers, whether you are a bride looking for wedding decorations in Anderson, or a corporate event needing table centerpieces in Greenville, or a highschool needing prom decorations in Spartanburg.

Attending Balloon Conventions

Final night gala at FLOAT

I just returned from Ballooniversity in Atlanta, GA.  It was a fun and informative event that showcased lots of exciting balloon decoration products and techniques.  And in just a few days i will be leaving for Tampa, Florida for a three day seminar on balloon decor.   I had also been contemplating attending Balloon Camp in Las Vegas.  Sadly, I just found out that they have cancelled this year’s balloon training seminar.

The knowledge I get  at these balloon conventions and balloon classes is priceless.  And I cherish the friendships and business contacts that I make as well.  Maybe it is time for some of you to ame your own memories at a fantastic convention for balloon decorators.  Maybe its time for you to experience FLOAT .  Float will be celebrating its third year and it looks to be even better this time around.  There are classes for all levels of balloon decorators, from beginner to advanced.  However most of the convention is aimed at intermediate to advanced balloon decorators.  There are even balloon twisting classes.  My fellow Greenville, SC balloon artist, Carl Woody is hosting a late night karaoke party and balloon twisting jam!And the host hotel is gorgeous.   The Great Wolf Lodge has spacious, plush rooms and a huge indoor waterpark.  So come join me in Mason, OH for FLOAT.

Love Linda

Quinceañera balloons

I have the distinct pleasure to help with and decorate for a lovely young lady’s Quinceañera . We met to see the reception siteand plan all the wonderful decorations, She is an absolute delight. She is so excited about this wonderful event.

The Quinceañera means “15 years and it is recognized as the coming of age for a young lady to God, her family and friends. Much planning takes place , We are doing a dance floor designed just for her, along with centerpieces , and other decor with lights, shimmering materials, all to place attention to her special day. This is a much celebrated day for Latino girls. What a wonderful experience to be able to learn and enjoy traditions of others. I cant wait to decorate for her. After sitting and talking, finding out what is special to her, what she expects, I have put a design together and it will be like no one else’s balloon decor. As we continue to plan, I am just as excited as her family to share in her tradition.